Thursday, June 30, 2011


betol cakap org..
"dont judge a book by it cover"
kat luar happy kat dalam x siapa pon tahu...
i need someone to share this feeling..
i try smille to evryone but actually i lie to myself..

i wish i can cheer up everyday without any sad situation

asal balik bilik ase nk nangis je..syez..fikiran aku xde kat sini tapi kat umah..tapi aku xtau aku tgh fikirkan sape..ble sorg je ngis..nape nangis ?? aku sndri pon xtau...ase sunyi sgt2x...
ase cm xde kawan..pdhal byk..nape plu cmnie?smpi ble nk mcm nie?ade 4 taun setgh lg..xtahan idup cmnie..sakit nie pon xpndai nak sembuh2..sakit sgt2x..sakit kepala memnjang..dh x larat nak tanggung semua nie..xmo org pkir aku nie lemah sgt..tapi itulah hakikat nya..i need to face this feeling alone..

p/s : im so lonely right now..please bring my old life back..i cant do this alone.. :'(


1st time tengok bola on9..
tgk dgn rumate lg tu..
new exprience 4 two of us..hahaha..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

the tales of 4 musketeer...

once upon the time there was 4 musketeer...hmm...(4 siblings actually)..n entry this time is bout my brothers and sis..cant wait 2 tell world bout them..act they not very nice at all..haha..opss..sorry bros and sis...hehe..^^ them soo much..even though we're fight but there always smile at the end of the figthng activies..haha..we smile together, we sleep together, we cry togethr, we laugh together n so on..but we the HAPPY barney theme song..hhaha..let me introduce the 4 siblings...

the eldest one..
always make 'stupid' face..haha

the 1st daughter in my family
always in delima..haha

2nd bro
my father friend always talk about him
and also my friend..
no wonder la..
handsomeman kata kwn ayah aku...
wueekk.. :P

not mee maggie..
its me..
the youngest one... :)

we are the big family..
4 of us

this year we celebrate gawai with a complete famly..
3 guy and 3 ladies..
soo much fun this year..
and now house starting quite..

p/s : bttw we hav a little sister ..but GOD love her more..MAY YOU REST IN PEACE VALENTINA AYAS..we always remmbr bout and dad also.. :)..