Sunday, April 24, 2011



When you think of Easter, you probably think of the Easter Bunny, colored eggs and lots of candy... but to Christians around the world it is much, much more. Easter is the most important Christian holiday of the year.
Easter Day is the day Christians remember Jesus rising from the dead.  After his brutal crucifixion, a large stone was rolled over his tomb. But shortly after his death when followers went back to honor Jesus, the stone had mysteriously been moved and only the cloth that wrapped Jesus' body was laying there. As the story goes, Jesus' body was no longer in the tomb and he had in fact risen from his death in order to save us all. An angel nearby this tomb told his followers of the miracle that had taken place.

The resurrection, as described in the Bible, means that at the very moment Jesus rose from the dead, was the very moment we would be given everlasting life. Christians would now receive new life after death.  The Easter holiday celebrates this belief. Easter is therefore the last day celebrated during a 40 day Easter season.
The season begins with Lent, a 40-day period before Easter Sunday.  During Lent, Christians prepare for Easter.  Lent is considered a time for penance, a time to show sorrow for sins and to seek forgiveness. 
One way many Christians show their sorrow is by fasting, which limits the kinds and amounts of food that are eaten.  Christians may also give something up during this 40 week period as patronage to the suffering of Jesus. While not all Christians fast during Lent, those that do pattern their behavior after Jesus who prayed and fasted in the wilderness before his death on the cross.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and most churches hold specials services in the evening.  At many of those services ashes are placed on the foreheads of worshipers to remind them to have a humble spirit.  Lent continues until Holy Week, which is the final week of Lent and recalls the events leading up to Jesus' sacrifce and ultimate death, a death he freely accepted. 

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, which celebrates the story of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, where people spread palm branches and clothing before him. Good Friday is the day Jesus died on the cross and many believe it happened between the hours of 12 noon and 3pm. Many churches hold services during this time to reflect on the last three hours of darkness while Jesus suffered on the cross. 

On Easter Sunday Jesus' resurrection is celebrated. Outdoor Easter services sometimes take place at sunrise to celebrate Jesus' resurrection. Just as Jesus rose from the dead, Christians believe they too will rise from the dead and ascend into Heaven. It's important to note that Easter is not a time to dwell on death and sorrow, but rather the fact that Jesus did rise just as prophesized in the Holy Bible. This miracle of renewed life has given Christians hope, faith and love since they know Jesus died willingly in order to save the human race.

Easter is also closely associated with the season of Spring.  The new plant life that appears in spring symbolizes the new life Christians gain because of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.  Easter is also considered a day of "white" because newly baptized church members wear white clothes at Easter observances.



Thursday, April 21, 2011

" extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people "

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


its getting worse and worse...dun noe y i feel like this..asa cm berubah sgt2..moody smcm je..opss..bkn masalah wanita k...huhu..check this out

1. miss my parents..miss both of them so muchhh... only 1mnth left bfre go bck to SARAWAK...but sumtime time is getting slowessttt....feel like 1 year..cant live witout them..can i quit now ?? fool decision i ever made..hmm...

my ya

brown dad..imy..:'(

2. is when i said NO to the thing i love the most...HOCKEY..huhu..1st in my life when i choose my family than hur me so much..but love my famiy..and i will not regret with my decision.. :) my friend said family is more important to other thing in this world...n i in the process of growing up...

sorry i have to do it.. :'(
3. am i too skinny ?? i dont think so...gmok ada la..xtau la..smpai ibu (tutor) ckp sy dh cengkung sgt nie..i already try to control my weight..but cant..aku mkn cm mkin krus..aku pon xtau npe..smpai kwn ckp aku ddnt take dnner..xpnah wat cmtu..mkn cm besa je...seriously..xpnah pon mnta krus cmnie..krus ckit pon dh ckup dh..huhu...i bcme too sknny not bcos im on diet or not take meal..but i do some exercise..hehe

haha.. XD i looking for something..something that already missing in my looking for a smile..VIC SMILE !! can someone find it for very to me..i need it to be old VICTORIA MICHAEL..i don to lose it...hope someone can help me to find that smile again..don wan to be new vic..i wan old vic..

something missing in this pic... :(
 p/s : unhappy day for me.. :(

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Layakkah aku jadi GURU PJ ???

" layakkah aku jadi guru PJ ?? "

that words always play in my mind..
my fren keep ask dat question on themslves..
kdang aku terfikir juga..
sesuai ke aku jadi cikgu nie ??
lebih2 lagi cikgu PJ...
tadi aku jog..
aku ckp la kt kwn aku nie..
yg aku pnat..slow kit jog..
die ckp cmnie...
"cmnie ke ckgu PJ".."heranlah cmne ko leh msuk PJ"

berat sangat rasa ny nak galas tnggjwb sbgai ckgu PJ..
mcm last week..
kwn aku dok bengang bila pnsyarah sruh ajar bdak2..
aku kesian jgak tgk dorg..
klu nk mnta tlg ajar tu ckp la baik2 ..
nie x..ckp cam org xtau pe yg dorg wat...
lg dorg handle bdak klas aku dh ssh..
blom g dorg yg nk ajar...

bdak2 minor salu anggp ktorg nie terer..
bkn nk puji la..
tp dh mmg betul..
tu la silapnya bdak2 minor..
dorg tgk luaran ktorg jer..
dorg xambk tau...
sdih sgt2...

jangan ingt bdak PJ leh terer lam smua bnda...
jangan ingt bdak PJ leh main smua sukan..
jangan ingt bdak PJ smua lari laju..
jangan ingt bdak PJ kuat stamina...
jangan ingt bdak PJ smua tough..

ada bnde ktorg leh wat..
ktorg wat dgn sngguh2..
wlpon org salu tgk ktorg main2..
tp caye la...
ktorg dh wat shbis tenaga tuk senang kn ati smua lec...
kdg2 tu plez la..
bg ckit sokongan kat kwn2 yg xbrpa tau nk wat..
jgn dok mrh dorg je klu dorg xtau wat..

aku ksian tgk kwn2 yg len...
ada yg mnta opsyen lain tp kena opsyen PJ..
tp lec salu nak dorg wat yg plg baik...
caye la..
dorg dh wat bersungguh2 dh..
cb la lec tgk kesngghan dorg.
kdg2 terharu gak bila dorg korbankan cita2 dorg
tuk jdi ckgu opsyen lain..
disebabkan opsyen PJ...

cm aku..
aku xckap aku nie terer sgt..
aku de gak kelebihan..
de gak kekurangan..
kelebihan aku main hoki..
klu aku main hoki bru leh dikatakan terer..
bab tu dh mmg bidang aku...
klu kekurangan....
mmg byk..
de sstgh sukan aku mmg bngap ckit..
i admit..
wlpon kaki aku dh sekuat dlu..
aku ttp ingn buat yg terbaik demi nama PJSS IPSAH..

ktorg bru sem 2..
mmg ktorg akn jadi ckgu PJ bla kuar nnti..
mmg ktorg plu bljar dri skrang...
tp bg la space tu ktorg pljari dgn lbh dalam lg..
bg msa tuk ktorg pkir...
yg ktorg bakal GURU PJ..
mmg prgai ktorg cm bdak form 5..
but can u stop mention dat we are teachers to be...
like i said on my fb wall...
yes...we were still form 5 student...u cant force us to change our attitude bcause it will naturally change when the time is come... :) "

aku xpnah mnta opsyen nie..
aku mnta opsyen SC..
tp aku asa aku ptt ambk gak opsyen PJ nie..
sbab aku asa cm nk naik kn sukan kt mlysia..
cehh..poyo jer...
sbnar ny aku ambk opsyen bab aku msh nk bersukan..
aku korbankan keluarga aku...
aku dtg dri jauh..
hnya tu galas nama GURU PJ..
sbab aku dh jnji an family aku..

jgn tlalu memaksa
aku bkn nk mrh spe2...
juz nak smua org tau cmne asa ktorg sbgai BAKAL GURU PJ..
ktorg msh dlm proses pembelajaran..
ada kekurangan sila la tegur..

p/S :

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I want you to know
one thing

You know how this is
if I look
at the crystal moon, at the red branch
of the slow autumn at my window,
if I touch
near the fire
the impalpable ash
or the wrinkled body of the log,
everything carries me to you,

well now,
if little by little you stop miss me
i shall stop miss you little by little

if suddenly
you forget me
do not look for me
for i shall already have forgotten you

if each day,
each hour,
you feel that you are destined for me
with implacacle sweetness
believe it
i will always miss and remember you for the whole of my life
and as log as you live it will be in your arm
without leaving mine...

p/s : especially for someone (xtau la die tgk ke x..bab smlm org xsruh die bc blog org lg.. ) that always make me happy, menyampah, always be there when i sad, oso thx 4 the song n.........this poem just 4 fun.. :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



sya,kak fara n me

poyo je...haha

nk bina khemah..
thx 2 abg A..byk tlg n tlg glak skli..

me, sya n sharon..
wktu nk balik ipsah..
 cb teka spe??
rjin ny..ank la nie..

nk bekawad awal pgi..
blurr..snam dri pun dh lpa cmne nk wat..haha

dgr taklimat dri pengurus...

kimi, me, chai, kak fara, nady n kak tesl..

muke xley blah..
tmye cklet nie..

nie gmbr kmpln 1, 2 n 3..
mlg ny..kmpln ktorg sorg je laki2..huhu
tp msh leh dhrapkan..
kn kimi..:P

hzmi, me, afif, kak fara, kimi an chai..


 hzmi npe wat mke cmtu??
nie la hazmi..ktorg dlm ajk latihan..
org bwa die jog..
die g tmpt len..

 ahli kmplan 1 yg msh bersatu...
yg len xtau dh g mne..

kt mne2 mst 4 org nie salu ade...
me, k.fara, chai an kimi..

ini la kimi..
die la yg byk tlg aku mlm ktorg jd sentry tu..
mmg tkut sgt2x..
tp die wat slmber je..
thx bb shring bckgrnd ko artu..
bru aku tau spe ko sbna ny..haha
die dh de dh..
no vacancy..

nie sblom bertolak dri ipsah ke gnung jerai..

nie kt checkpoint ke 10 iaitu yg terakhir..
n pic sblom ktorg sesat..

pic an abg senior PJ..
abg dol, abg A an syabil..
sybil nie la yg bwa owg sesat..
sbb die xnk klah an pmpuan..

siti syahirah...ank lec (PUAN FARIDAH)
cute kn..die ade kmbar..
tp kmbar die malu2 ckit..
xnk ambk pic..
mmg hyperactve..
nie kak...
dlm pic nie die an akak senior pj..
kak alia..kak sora cute..haha

merenung msa hadapan..

p/s : nk p gnung jerai penat..hehe.. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


entry kali nie..GUNUNG JERAI..haha..sengal2x..

2 hari 1 malam..berbaloi juga aku korban segala tenaga tuk naik gunung jerai semalam..1400 tngga..tu blom lg naik trun bukit....pnat doe..kaki cm nk tercabut..
nseb baik pacat x snggah kat kaki aku smlm....atau xprsan pacat hisap smlm..
wlpon x segagah dak laki2..atleast aku org yg ketiga smpai kat cekpoint yg terakhir sebelom jaoh tersesat..huhu
nma pon dh sesat mmg jaoh ketingglan la dri org2 len..klu x slap 1km stgh ktorg(aku,syasya,ira,ika an syabil) sesat..nie smua angkara senior ktorg yg xmau klah an pmpuan..haha..sbb dia juga aku tggl kan ank2 buah aku kat blkang..'maafkan daku sbb xleh jdi ketua yg baik smlm ye anak2 buah ku sekalian...huhu" (bermonolog skjap)..haha..

1st tmye kta kan...mmg enjoy sgt2 la smlm bla smpai tu..leh mnum air kt telaga..bersih gler2x..nseb de bwa sdkit td..blom cta sal xtvt mlm...nma pon dh 1st prsan tkut tu xleh lari..sbb tu aku jrg ikut kem..bkn jrg mmg xpnah pon..huhu..trus je msg my mum..text dia cmnie.."mak, takutlah..huhu" my mum reply cmnie.."wat pe nk tkut..klu kte tkut..'bnda' tu lg la ska"..hapi, pelik, npa xbri smngat lgsung, ok, chill vic n so on...tu la prsan aku tmye tu..aku tgk kwn2 hapi..buat2 hapi la ckit...hehe...wlpon x ikhlas...
dh la group aku group 1st jdi sentry mlm td..xtakut cma len mcm je..pastu ok jer...thx to kimi...byk tlg aku mlm td...thx bb byk brckp..hehe...ilang asa tkt...

pagi nie td mmg x sbar2 la nak balik...hehe..miss my lappy n my bed...sakit blkang smlm..bak kta kwn..ambk pnglman..hehe..ktorg balik xikt jln smlm..smlm mmg adventure ktorg ikt jln rya jer...pnsyrah ckp 7 km..dh 7 km pon xsmpai2 jga..ada la abg senior nie..syafik nma dia..dia mmg salu tipu aku..ckp nk xsmpai2..ckp 5 mnit pastu dia tmbh 5 mnit lg...arrgghhh..tnsion dgn dia..dh la tggl kn aku sorg2 motivasi dia bg mmg 'class' la..haha..

pic..aku mls la nk upload..line terookkkkk..haha