Monday, May 28, 2012


im comin comin home home..tell the world im comin home..yipieeeeeeee !! feels like in heaven..haha..amboiii..terlampau sangat tu..haha..haritu balik gune maswings..kelas gitu..sume balik guna airasia..bajet sungguh..haha..waittt !! perlu ke cerita..?? O.o ..5 mins before landing, view la permandangan kat bawah then something pass by..jeng3..SUPERMAN !! haha..xdela..tengok Pulau Li Hua..suddenly I think about this 'person'..why ?? why I need remember bout a person who never love or miss me ?? its like you singing infront billion of people on stage and it sound like frog..and it keep playing on ur mind..and you cant stop think bout that..extremely exhausted with it..lebih-lebih lagi bila outing dengan kawan-kawan..all the place that we heading remind me bout this 'person' can I vanish him from my mind..I want carry on my life without thinking bout a person who already have his own life..hurmm...

dear you,

i wish nothing but the best for you..please take care of yourself..i know i dont have right to tell you this but for the last time.. i dont have right to tell you this but for the last a good son that make ur mom and sis proud of you..and be a good teacher also.. :) last but not least .. SELAMAT HARI GAWAI.. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012


i lose my friend who really close with me before..
i lose my friend who guide me into LORD..
i lose my friend who always talk crap things..
i lose my friend who gave moral support..
i lose my friend who always asked go to church..
i lose my friend who i fell in love with him before..
i lose my friend who always hate me..

now..i think we're enemy..
no more 'hye' or shouted called his name..
no more gossip we shared..
no more smiley..
no more joke around..
no more tag my name on facebook..
now i'm sure there's no more friendship between us..
now we're totally stranger..

i know since a 'new' thing happen last-last-last week..
u started stayed away from me..
i never thought this would happen between us..

last from me to you my friend :
i never want this thing happen between us, i never want you become like this & i never want to be somebody you used to know..for me, we still friend..i hope you happy.. :)


' Nothing can be compared to a faithful friend, and no weight of gold and silver is able to countervail the goodness of his fidelity ' : Ecclesiasticus 6:15

Thursday, May 3, 2012


enda ulih ku buai d ari idup ku..
t maya ku ingat ke janji tua..sinu mai..
mayuh dah jnji tua..tang mesti penanggul..
ku nda nemu nma asai d maya tok..
gaga kni..tusah kni..
tang d ndai maya ku beguna ke d..
d ngga aku bka ndai nma2 ngau d..
bia TUHAN nemu nma asai tua tok..
ngarap ke d bahagia..

p/s : enda betah d amai ku ick.. :'(